The Returned - Jason Mott

         A while ago I received an arc of this from goodreads first reads, but didn't really review it. So I thought I would reread it, and review it. The book follows a small town called Arcadia, specifically an older couple(Harold and Lucille Hargrave), as they try to deal with the dead coming back to life all around the world.


                 I couldn't really connect with the characters. I didn't have any type of emotion for these characters. They seemed to have no depth to them. I didn't like how in between chapters they would just go to a different person who was brought back to life, even though they had nothing to do with the plot.


          When it came to the parts that were mainly focused on Lucille, I didn't really focus, because for me she was an uninteresting, and unlikable person. I focused more when it came to Harold, and Jacob. More so Harold than Jacob because Jacob didn't seem to really be important to the story. I felt as if he was just an excuse for the story to be focused on the Hargraves. Harold, was a likeable character because he felt real, in his actions and emotions.


           I kind of wish the book, would have explained, why things were happening, but it didn't. The ending kind of left me conflicted, part of me was satisfied, but part of me felt that the end just wasn't very satisfying.