Whole in the Clouds - Kristine Kibbee
  I received an e-book copy of Whole In The Clouds from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Whole in the clouds is about Cora Catlin. She is a young girl who is just about to start middle school, and she's not happy about that at all. One day when she is in the woods she falls asleep when she is awaken by Barnworth Celius, someone who tells her she isn't from Earth and that she is actually from Clouden, a world that exists above The Backworlds, or Earth.

Overall, the book gets 3 stars. I didn't feel like I could connect with most of the characters. There didn't seem to be much depth to them. Cora I feel didn't handle things in a very realistic way. She discovers that there is a whole world she never knew existed, that that's where she is actually from and she just takes it in stride. I feel like there should have been some apprehension on Cora's part. I also don't think that someone so young(she is just starting middle school) would leave the people they thought of as parents so easily. My favorite character was Celius, and I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't more of him in the story.

I also felt like there wasn't much conflict. The small conflict that occurred right as the book was ending didn't really seem like the big battle that I felt should have happened after the tension of the Finnegans, and Treinbaulms hating each other for so long. I also was kind of disappointed that there was a relationship that was destined to be between Cora and Patrick. I think that the story would have been a lot better if there was a lack of this relationship. The relationship didn't feel genuine, I mean they only heard each others voices, and they were already feeling a connection. Everything kind of felt rushed overall.

Now lets go on to the good. Clouden sounds like such a cool and beautiful place, and it was described so vividly I could basically see it, which to be honest made me kind of want to go there. I liked how so much background detail was given as to why the Finnegans and Treinbaulms hated each other, why everything Backworlders knew to be fairytale was real in Clouden. It really makes the reader feel like they are in the story. Also my favorite part was the talking animals, I mean who doesn't love talking animals. I think Whole In The Clouds would be fantastic for a young reader because Clouden is basically something out of a child's dream.